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Life is such an inspiring tapestry, with beauty and amazement in the most hidden detail...and I know it's this that gets my creative juices flowing. The reward at the end of a ten hour 'writing' shift, magnifies that hunger further still, and so sitting down behind my desk the following day, blank white sheet of paper before me, is just another joyous, unknown journey. I am hooked on the process and can only envisage that the desire will grow with each and every new story I tell.

About the Author

I am your author Steve, born on the 24th April, 1964, on the outskirts of London. My memories of my childhood are vivid, bright blue skies and long adventure filled days. My teenage years held no limit on what I strongly believed: which was that life needed to be lived to the full, a blank canvas. But jobs were scarce - and so out of pity I am sure, my best friend's father gave me the opportunity of labouring for his long established roofing company. I would wake in the early hours and walk the six miles to work, and after a ten hour shift, I would crawl the six miles back home. But my imagination as always was thinking big, and so why not set up my own roofing company? Based on the limited experience I had gained, armed with my optimistic business plan - I went out and made it happen.

I met the beautiful Sarah when I was twenty, she was just sixteen years of age. Our mode of transport was a bright red Jensen Healey open top sports car, and so life was fun. We became man and wife just seven years later, surrounded by family and many wonderful friends. Our daughter Izzy was born in 1996, when I was thirty-two and life became richer still. Life for the three of us has been blessed.

Our former home the Water's Edge in Staffordshire was purchased in 1998, an inspirational setting of the highest order. It is there that The Water's Edge novel was born. Now, and thanks to the success of The Water's Edge, we live on the South Hams coast, close to Dartmouth, perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking an ever-changing sea, a peace and tranquility that fires the imagination daily.

The concept behind The Water's Edge? Well, I had heard many people discuss and beg the question: 'knowing what you know now, if you were to go back to your early teens...what would you change about your life, what would you do differently?' And so my mind got to thinking... and here we are many years later with the story of Ritchie Angel, having experienced that very scenario.

And your second novel: The Human Jigsaw?

Wow, yes, launched in September, 2015, and I am overwhelmed by the 'quite intense' response. Book groups, up, down left and right of the country, making it their choice of read, resulting in ten of those book groups nominating it as their 'Read of the Year 2015', like I say, totally overwhelming. A piece of work that has been reviewed as 'beautiful, rude, haunting, utterly thought-provoking, a unique concept, unputdownable...' what more could I ask? And so an exciting 2016 for this book, a decision reached to succumb and to secure the right publishing deal that will see this provocative read let loose and fully promoted around the world.

Your third novel, The Land of i, a whisper that it might be released in the Autumn of 2016..?

Yes, just starting draft five, envisaging a draft six and seven, a busy now, a busy spring, a busy summer, with a hopeful 'ta-dah' and a full launch in the autumn of this year - phew. But such has been the pleasure of the evolvement of this one, captivated from day one by every word and the feeling the story evokes, ensuring that I have seen the seasons of 2015 through a window only. The Land of i, set in 1975, a mind to just write and write and write until it is done, a sense of the artist who stands in his white-walled studio, throwing can after can of paint against the blank canvas, to hurl himself against the many colours and vent all emotion via out-of-control limbs until something quite unique and totally unexpected appears. The creation of The Land of i does feel as if I am caught up in exactly this. For a brief synopsis, please go to the book section of this website, and let the journey begin. Take care.


'Mmm, well, in no particular order...'

Love: To love and to be loved...Is there a greater concept?

To blow with the breeze: This will drive Sarah and Izzy mad, as I think they will have this carved on my headstone. A perfect day for me: the sun shining, the sky an unspoilt blue, and gifted the time to just make it all up as the day unfolds. To just walk and to keep walking, preferably with the water or a seascape within view.

Sound: Nature's offering first: birdsong, the breeze blowing through the trees and the gentle rustle through the long grass. The power of the sea rolling back and forth onto the beach, the crashing of thunderous waves onto the rocks. Monsoon rains onto a canvas car roof, with the love of your life, wonderful!

Laughter: Heartfelt, raucous, belly laughter, young or old, just infectious!

Music: Has always been a crucial backdrop symphony to my life. Combined with poetic rhyme, heart-rendering stories, and its power to emphasise a moment without rival. As with the mention of Terry Jacks, Seasons in the Sun, in 'The Water's Edge', it just nostalgically pulls at the heart strings. There are scores of beautiful pieces of music that can do this to many varying degrees - and so I take my hat off to the creator of each.

Soft-top down and the open road: Should we be able to combine all the above, with all that is written below, the sun beating down, the car roof off and the open road ahead, then I am undoubtedly in heaven.

Friendship: Where would any of us be without friendship? Riotous nights out, fabulous food, cocktails and incredible champagne, oh, and a dance floor, inhibitions and decorum a distant memory, sorry to all the innocent bystanders!

Unexplored lands: To travel to a new county or country, to then explore: the hidden beaches, mountains, the music, the food and drink...a shared experience, first choice every time, with my wife and daughter, all this interests me - greatly!

Life: The nice bits only please...but then learning and growing stronger at the expense of the harsh and painful moments.

I wish you well.

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