The Water's Edge

Published June 2013

This is a tale of passion, unbending true love, sincere regret, murder, deceit and insanity, concluding with the ultimate sacrifice...
The Water's Edge will change the way you live, or die, forever.

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The Human Jigsaw

Published September 2015

How far would you go for perfection...
ethically, morally?
Would you strive with such a burning passion, that your obsession becomes all-consuming...

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The Land of i

Coming Autumn 2016

Picture your life and focus on the important people within your life.

So... the people you love and value above all others? Imagine if these irreplaceable parts to your life, a life considered as perfect with them in it, were to be taken, to be picked up and played with as though toys picked out of a toy box, to be used and abused and left in pieces upon the nursery floor, broken and soiled. Your life played with and destroyed for fun - a game to this man, this game player, this enemy, this supposed friend of yours - a powerful man that only wants your toys because of his love and respect for you, the man that will change the rules to suit his own purpose, his desire to win - what would you do? Would you gather up the broken pieces and run, or would you stay and choose to play his game?


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