For those of you that have aspirations to write…


I have answered on many occasions when asked:

‘Where does inspiration come from for such ideas?’

The truth is that I do not for a second take credit for what ends up on the page. Without question it does come from somewhere, and so I let it pass through me and just give thanks for having lightning quick fingers to get it all down. What I’m saying is true, I’m not trying to be self effacing, humble or otherwise, it just unearths itself. I feel as though I catch hold of the tail feathers and a need to hold on for dear life!

Quote by Frank Zappa…

‘A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it’s open…’



A little about ‘The Human Jigsaw’


The Human Jigsaw’ has taken me by surprise, in excess of two hundred thousand words to complete the first draft of this beguiling tale in just ten weeks, though four more drafts did follow, such is the dedication required – so a belief that one book is achievable per year will certainly keep me busy. I have simply been carried along by the intensity and fascination of a main character that surpassed all planning and attempts to do him justice. This is a story about vanity first and foremost, set within the millennium year in the heart of London. A dismissed and downtrodden individual who has lost his way, but his sorry life does bring him to the most dramatic of junctures. One chance is all we need sometimes, an opportunity presented, but how brave are we to seize upon it? This man does – and with both hands – and yet it begs the question of how far anyone of us would go in search of aesthetic and self improvement? His journey is quite spellbinding, controversial, erotically charged, and yet beautiful and compassionate in conviction – I am so very proud to have achieved all I have within ‘The Human Jigsaw.’

‘So once ‘The Human Jigsaw’ was complete…what then?’

The honest answer for me in this instance; a glass of champagne to celebrate, half an hour to smile and accept the achievement of it, and then a need to start writing the next novel, yes, I know, but fifty-two days later, one hundred and ninety thousand words later, ‘The Land of I’ was born, and so draft two is now underway, so on and on, until it to, is complete, maybe five or six drafts? So, still an incredible amount of dedication needed to ensure that the tale imagined, is better than imagined once on the published page. I will post further information; synopsis etc for ‘The Land of I’ shortly. I will share with you the process; the different approach that I took with this one, and the thrill it has given me at how well it has worked out – but for now, back to ‘The Human Jigsaw.’ I have written and rewritten ‘THJ’ five times, five drafts in total, a need to sink deep into the characters and the rest just flows without comprehension as to quite how? But it does and I am eternally grateful for whatever it is that gets it there. And once there, to physically sit on my hands and accept the belief that it is done, to trust my judgement that it is done – an art in itself! And so, in answer to the question; ‘what then?’ well, once I believed ‘THJ’ was complete, the next step was to pass it on to those that check and double check all I’ve written; facts mainly, location detail, times and dates (though I do make sure of my facts, locations, times and dates as I go along, but several heads are proven to be invaluable). The process thereafter is about protecting my work, a need for clearance from portrayed established businesses; designers; individuals; hotels etc, all need to be happy with how they have been portrayed. Contracts, design and promotion, release schedules, all required before an official launch can be set, before it hits the shelves, before it is available for electronic download. Yes, exciting and yet immense frustration for me as I am desperate for it to be out there and easily accessible for all those that want it. I promise you; you will not be disappointed, though we may have to have an advisory warning on this one – though trust me, totally and utterly crucial in the telling of this man’s quite shocking, and yet, beautiful story…